Bible Society's 'Bible Bedtime'

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Martin was commissioned by Bible Society in 2014 to rewrite several Bible stories, especially for a new, free app for children called Bible Bedtime.

As an atheist (as well as being incapable of staying very serious for too long), Martin took the risky decision to rewrite these classic tales in a light-hearted way, injecting his trademark humour to make the stories more entertaining and in turn, more accessible to families who don't traditionally read the Bible.

Bible Society positively embraced his fresh approach and everyone loved the results!

As part of the launch campaign, Martin was filmed reading his versions of these stories and this footage is being shown at various large events. The first of these was at the traditional 'Passion of Jesus' play in Trafalgar Square on Good Friday in front of thousands of people. Here is the video they watched (this story obviously couldn't really be made funny!)

You can download the app free to your iPad.

Illustrator Claire Simmons-Clark

'Bible Bedtime' 5 Bible stories rewritten by Martin Coleman.