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Martin Coleman & Tim Slater’s Wonderful Books For Children

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Martin Coleman’s head is full of really silly stories about kings and crocodiles and princesses and giants. So, he writes them all down in case he forgets them. And when he does, he also makes them rhyme. He just can’t help it.

Tim Slater just can’t help drawing brilliant pictures. He’s tried to stop drawing brilliant pictures, but he can’t because he’s just brilliant. So, Martin and Tim had a grown-up chat about writing and drawing (and colouring in) and decided to work together. And now Martin writes children’s books and Tim illustrates them.

They keep being told that children love their books and so do their parents (the children’s parents, not Martin and Tim’s… although Martin and Tim’s parents do really like them too).

Martin Coleman is clearly a great writer who knows how to tell a good story - he’s totally in tune with the audience he is writing for’ – Tony Reed, Executive Producer, BBC’s CBeebies

Some famous people off the telly also really like their books and have written some lovely comments saying how much they like them. Which is nice.

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'Bible Bedtime'
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