The (not quite so) Good Princess

© Martin Coleman


Illustrations by Tim Slater

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The Good Princess

A very funny princess story for girls and boys (…and immature grown-ups!)

Everyone in the land knows that the lovely little Princess is twice as good as gold! Forever helping out and doing favours, she just loves making other people happy!

But early one spring day, the Princess dresses her horse in the Queen’s underwear and rides into town where, after a morning of mischief, she leaves a trail of chaos and destruction behind her! The townsfolk are furious and storm the palace, waking the King and Queen and demanding some answers!

What has come over the Princess? Why has she suddenly turned bad? And will the Queen ever get her bloomers back?

..a fantastic book, everyone should have a copy! I loved it and my grandchildren giggled from start to finish!’ – Christine Keith

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